Silver trap

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To control the incidence of : 1 - 2 traps
per 10m²

Silverfish Trap

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Sticky trap Also good for others. contains a set of 6 traps Perfect To control the incidence of silver: 1 - 2 traps per 10m² To combat: 3 - 5 traps per 10m² It works by emitting pheromones which the male silverfish are attracted to in order to seek a mate. When the male silverfish arrive there are no females to be found and instead they get caught in the trap. The idea being that the more males that get caught, the fewer males are available for the females to mate with, which in turn leads to a reduction in the number of silverfish in your home. The trap is an excellent complement to red cedar. These traps are entirely non-toxic and odourless.

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